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Artist Statement

              Materiality is my language; its strengths and weaknesses provide the framework to which my internal perceptions are then applied. Steel is folded and shaped like cloth, glass is mirrored to mimic polished metal, and clay is thinned to embrace paper’s temporal quality. Employed in an effort to subvert expectations and question my surroundings, these materials serve as a point of departure and permit me to more deeply examine the concepts of transition, connection, and mortality as underlying themes in my work.

               These concepts are explored not only through the use of material as representation but also through the lens of our ever-changing ideas of communication. It is through the spatial placement of these various elements within the work, and the cultural significance that is attached to each, that I hope to convey meaning to the viewer and create dialogue. For me, each material used conveys a distinct voice. For instance, steel signifies industry and the technological advances that have created the world that we live in. Clay carries with it the millenniums of human touch that reverberate through time. Glass strands that are stretched and aligned are another way to represent the way we communicate. Through proximity these materials interact and become discursive.

                 There is purposefully restraint from giving the viewer a simple equation, as there are no simple answers. Life is not linear, but rhizomatic; relationships intersect, rebound and re-form to create various levels of meaning and understanding.

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